Director of Consumer Insights

Addy Ryan

Addy Ryan is Director of Consumer Insights at E15 Group. She leads a team of researchers who uncover market and consumer trends, allowing organizations to create products, services, and marketing campaigns specific to their customers. E15’s Consumer Insights team uses a combination of syndicated data sources, primary market research, and voice of the customer insights to provide a holistic view to answer critical business questions facing clients today. Addy’s experience spans sports & entertainment, education, healthcare, business & industry, retail, and hospitality, where she helps partners conduct brand perception, concept development, advertising, ticketing, and sponsorship research.

With a background in market research, Addy specializes in designing scalable products and research solutions across a variety of methodologies, including conjoint, MaxDiff, segmentation, TURF analysis, focus groups, journey mapping, intercepts, shop-alongs, and central location testing.

Prior to joining E15, Addy was a Manager of Custom Market Research at Datassential, a leading foodservice market research firm, and she is a graduate of DePaul University.