E15 Consulting

E15 Consulting launched to offer our services to clients beyond the hospitality industry. In addition to the work that E15 performs in collaboration with our existing partners, E15 Consulting has expanded its scope to include the following areas:

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

An effective Voice of the Customer (VOC) program enables your business to understand and act on the “why” behind customer behaviors and actions. Our multi-channel VOC programs provide the insights you need to delight your customers, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue.

Market Research

Market research produces data about your guests, market, and business to drive effective and data-driven strategies. E15 specializes in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, both of which produce targeted and actionable answers to your business needs.

Ticket Analytics

One of the most important decisions organizations make every year surrounds how they price their largest asset. E15 ensures specific price, price code, and how seats are sold aligns with the goals of each organization.

E15 implements pricing models that enhance ticket sales and revenue for teams by identifying gaps in your pricing and optimizing your pricing structure.

Customer Journey

We help you understand the end-to-end journey of your customers to identify experience gaps. By combining qualitative and quantitative research, E15 uncovers true highlights and pain points and helps your organization build strategies that help drive the overall hospitality experience.

Master Planning

E15’s master planning process helps guide organizations from start to finish through detailed project plans that specify the project’s scope, timeline, cost, schedule, critical activities, and resources.